How it Works

How To Register By Android And Iphone

Step Mobile 1

Step 1 Install Tron Wallet

Download the application for your smartphone: TronLink This extension is your personal wallet for Tron cryptocurrency, which will store your earned funds. The wallet belongs only to you and is used for registration and authorization on the site.

Step 2 Buy Tron Cryptocurrency

You need to find out the address of your Tron Link Pro wallet, which you made in step 1. Open the TronLink extension for Chrome. Copy the address located in the colored area on the main screen. Top up the balance of the new wallet.

Step Mobile 2
Step Mobile 3

Step 3 Tronlink

You need to copy the link Now open Tronlink app and open discover which is at the bottom of the app. Now paste your copied link in your Tronlink browser (for Iphone / Android) . You can open in the below browser.

Step 4 Registration

Now click on the REGISTER button and follow the instructions. Further, the process will be the same as above on the web.

Step Mobile 4

How It Works In Chrome


Step 1 Install TRON Link Pro Wallet

Get the TRON extension on your browser, to own a wallet where all of your cryptocurrency will be stored. Using this wallet you can deposit or receive TRON coins. It is an essential part required to register on the platform and it only belongs to the owner.

Step 2 Registration

Click on the “Register” button on the home page to begin staking.


Step 3 Buy TRON and USDT

Buy some TRON for fee deduction and Buy some USDT for Staking. TRX is use for transaction fees and USDT for Staking.

Step 4 Payment

Click on the “Accept” button on the payment page.