Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of the privacy of our customer’s data while using our platform. Thus, we have created certain policies to let the users know how the data is collected and used on the platform. Below is the description of all the privacy policies used by our platform:

Every user needs to read these policies carefully. If the users are using our services, we assume that they are familiar with and accept all the policies described on this page.

Use of data provided by users:

We will ask our users for their consent when we will need to use their data for anything.

When the users contact us for any queries, the requested data and the interaction is recorded on the platform. The user can decide whether he is willing to provide that data or not. However, without certain information, the user will not be able to take help or contact us.

We collect the data such as the device of the users, the browser used to sign in, the version of the operating system to provide a better user experience.

We collect the information of the user while registration to give every user identity and personalized experience while accessing our platform.

Another reason for collecting information such as email id, transaction details, and other data is to keep our platform safe from fraud people.

We get the information of the interaction between the Stack It and the users to enhance the performance of the website and provide a better user experience.

Third parties:

We never share any of the data provided by the users to our platform with other third parties. If required, we will ask the users if they are fine with their data being shared with other platforms or third parties. We are not responsible for any loss of data by the user’s recklessness.

When the users will need to purchase cryptocurrencies from third-party applications, we will share their wallet address with them for the transaction to be completed.

Violation of policies: If the users are violating the policies of our services, stern action will be imposed on them.