Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Please read the below-mentioned terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions specify the agreement, understanding of the services, and the use of data provided by the users on the platform

Deposit will be in USDT and Bonus will be paid in USDT.

The words us, we, and our refer to the Stake It platform, and the words, you, your, or the user are for the individuals using the services of the Stake It.

Stake It reserves the right to change, modify or alter the existing terms and conditions anytime without any prior notice to the users. Users are responsible to be aware of the change in the terms and conditions.

If the users are not satisfied or willing to accept the terms described in this section about the use of the platform, they can immediately stop using the platform. If they continue their use of our services, it directly indicates that they have no problem with any of the terms.

The users, in case of a query regarding these terms and conditions, can contact our team.


The users who are 18 years old or above are eligible to register on the platform and access the services provided by us.

The users must not have been blocked or restricted from other financial websites. We may not provide all of our services to every part of the world. The services may vary from one location to another due to variations in the rules or the restrictions.

Stake It is a platform where the users can stake or deposit the USDT token to earn rewards in form of interest on those tokens. When the users accept the terms and conditions they make it clear that they are depositing their tokens willingly without any external force.

We are not the financial advisers or provide any suggestions regarding financing. The users must research or get a piece of advice from an expert before making any investments. It is the users’ responsibility to be familiar with the risks involved in any investment plans.

The content on the website is provided to let them know about our work and services and make it easier for them to use the platform. However, we can alter the content whenever required without any notice to the users. The misunderstanding regarding the content by the users is not justified if they bear a loss of any kind due to the misinterpretation made by them.

We ask for the email address and phone number of the users to send them commercial notifications or information regarding our services. If the user does not want those emails or SMS to be received, he can simply change the settings on the website to stop receiving them.

We are not responsible for the below-mentioned circumstances faced by the users:

Shutting down of the platform for a small period for its maintenance Any sort of network issue faced by individuals The damage due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, flood, power failure, and typhoons etc.

Introduction of a new rule or a legal notice that may interrupt the regularity of the platform’s services.

Account related information:

To verify the users on the platform, we collect particular data from the users. The users need to register themselves providing data as asked on the register panel. We assume that the information provided by the users is authentic to prevent the involvement of criminals or frauds on the platform.